Dmenu script for keyboard layout selection

In this video I talk about Dmenu and its usage. I also walk you thru the creation of a simple shell script for keyboard layout selection. The full modified script is in the bottom of the description, using test for sorting out “cancel”

Dmenu homepage at Suckless

Dylanarapas pure SH bible

Full script:

# Tiny script for selecting keyboard layout while in X
rtrim (){
 printf '%s\n' "${1%%$2}"

# declare delimiter
delimiter=" -"

# declare languages
languages="se - Swedish\nus - English\nCancel"

# Sending languages to Dmenu
selected=$(echo "$languages" | dmenu)

if test "$selected" != "Cancel" ;then
# Trimming
trimmed="$(rtrim $selected $delimiter)"
setxkbmap $trimmed
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