Personligt CV för Cristian Herrera

Work experience

From Until Employer Position
170301 Current position Ad-Elit Sverige AB Owner / Consultant
100201 Inactive Cristian Herrera - Owner / Consultant
070604 091201 Nordisk internetannonsering CTO / SEO
061112 070209 Stockholms stad Janitor – Temporary
051011 061006 Etab Relocation group Mover
010101 010930 PowerFX Systems PHP – programmerare
960311 980210 SLK - Stockholms Luftkontroll Ventilationsmontör
95 – August 96 - Mars Ullyses Street vendor - Fruit


Ad-Elit Sverige AB – Owner / Konsult: Ad-Elit is under a heavy build up phase and working under the name Kundskap Ad-Elit Has a strong focus on the marketing side during a companys digital transformation. – Owner Consultant:

My individual company that is dormant due to the start-up of Kundskap helps companies with internet-related issues. During webb konsult, I have worked with everything from project management and assist other Internet companies with analysis and development of their delivery structure for creating small business websites. The missions range from creating ad campaigns for adwords, create large complex product catalogs for simple business websites to only help companies develop goals and strategies with their webb. Has also had longer assignments for other companies in the industry.

CTO / SEO: This was my last employment, I handled all the computer issues in the company, mainly “on site” SEO on the customers web sites and operated the local network including servers and the CRM / customer database system. I did personally built up the company’s data environment with backup script and Network envirement. I was responsible for two technicians, one programmer and a webdesigner. I had the overall responsibility for all the technology at the company including what is delivered in the form of “on site” work on customers sites, SEO and accessibility training of major clients' technologies, and further development of our product.

School Janitor - Temporary: During the regular caretaker’s stay in his home country, I substituted for him at Fagersjöskolan. My duties included cleaning, school canteen staff. and property management. As this is a small school, the caretaker must be a bit of everything.

Mover: Worked mainly with furniture removals and furniture assembly. There was also various other body work. Was a supervisor for a while and also took care of packing sensitive household goods (porcelain, etc.).

PHP programmer: PowerFX is a company that operates in audio sampling, multimedia for the music industry. Because it is a small company, that meant that I had to deal with most things that had to do with technology. Among the tasks were:

  • Programming / System development: My main task was to handle the development of the company’s website, this was developed in PHP and MySQL (LAMP stack). I also had my own small projects such as an application for handling the company’s customers and contacts, tke mai list software, the discussion forums and a few other small projects.

  • System administration As a computer-savvy staff I also had to manage the local network (win 2k server with clients). Also some administration of the web server on RH-6 or 7 server.

  • Support I also acted support for the other employees, they also called me in my spare time when I had to act as telephone support.

I really enjoyed this workplace.

Ventilation fitter: Installation and demolition of ventilation ducts and insulation of ducts.

Street vendor: During a nine-month stay in Chile - South America, I worked as a fruit seller on the “calle valparaiso” in viña del mar. We worked in shifts when we were open 24/7. I also worked during this time as customer service at night at a nearby motel.

Övrig arbetslivserfarenhet

Från Till Arbetsform Huvudsaklig uppgift
170301 190801 Etab Relocation AB Chafför / expressarbetare
900709 900803 Municipal summer jobb Service home
911215 911228 Prao Nordiska färgmedia
1990 1995 Säsongsarbete SVT – Värdsmagasinet
980622 980831 Stockholms kyrkogårdsförvaltning Cementary worker (season)


Etab Realcation AB: During the start-up of Ad-Elit, I also worked at Etab as a driver of a moving truck and express worker. The work has consisted of traditional moving work, packing moving and driving moving loads with a light truck. Transport work has also occurred as deliveries of archives, drives to the dump.

Service home: Worked at Axelsberg’s service house, the tasks consisted of cleaning in apartments and repair wheelchairs and the like.

Nordiska färgmedia: 4-color exposure assembly of film, sheet metal production for printing and retouching.

SVT – Värdsmagasinet: I have been in contact with the people at the host magazine for many years after they made a documentary about my family. I’ve been there a couple of times and made the most of it translate from spanish to swedish to o film and record audio.

Cemetery worker (season): Planting of flowers and that I relocated the memorial grove at Bromma church



Från Till Utbildningsanordnare Utbildning
HT-03 Pågåande KTH-ingenjörssektionen Kista Datorteknik 120p


Computer technology 120p: Has completed two years of this three-year education. I requested leave from the studies one year due to personal matters, has not had opportunity to resume my studies since then.

During the second year, I have chosen a specialization network and have focused me on the UNIX part of the course.

It is no longer relevant to complete this education then practical experience is more rewarding ..

Since I have taken exams + thesis left, I hoped for a solution with possible employers, but this is no longer the case.

High school level education

from until Organizer Education
HT-02 VT-03 KTH - Haninge Technical Preparatory
VT-02 VT-02 Bandhagens Vuxengymnasium Scattered courses
991112 000407 Infokomp Programming
VT-99 VT-99 Folkuniversitetet base subjects - Extended
HT-98 HT-98 Folkuniversitetet Base subjects - Base
HT-92 VT-94 St.Eriks Gymnasium anex Skärholmen BaGo (Flooring)


Technical Preparatory: The technical Preparatory year gave eligibility for KTH’s higher education programs. In addition to Mathematics C D E, chemistry and physics, a course in statics and strength theory and two projects.

Scattered courses: Mathematics C and legal knowledge.

Programming: A vocational programmer course, however, had to be canceled due to financial difficulties. The course included:

  • Teamwork

  • Programming techniques

  • Programming in Delphi / VBA grounds

  • Programming in BASIC / Pascal

  • C / C ++ programming

  • PC technology for programmers

  • Mathematics for programmers

Has completed the above listed courses with very good results.

BaGo: Construction and civil engineering, Flooring two-year practical training.

Computer knowledge


During my time at KTH, I have taken several CISCO courses.

  • ** CCNA 1: Networking Basics **

  • ** CCNA 2: Routers and Routing Basics **

  • ** CCNA 3: Switching Basics and Intermediate Routing **

  • ** Fundamentals of UNIX **

  • ** HP IT Essentials I: PC Hardware and Software **

  • ** HP IT Essentials II: Network Operating Systems **

During my time at Nordisk Internetannonsering AB I have learned as well researched how to work with the web in a way that does not prevent the search engines from reading and “understanding” web pages.

I have acquired an understanding of marketing, search behavior and interaction with the Internet.


I learned PCs when I was younger. I used to relax with to try to get new games to roll on old computers. Had some habit from AMIGA, commadore 64 and ATARI before.

I have been using linux as my only operating system since 2001. I has set up and administered various servers and experimented with everything from ftp to LDAP. Everything I do at home I manage with versions GIT

I also experiment with different operating systems via PC virtualization (BSD, Solaris and various Linux distributions).


Certificate Issued by
Digital marketing essentials Google - Digitalakademien
Google Adwords Google - Skillshop
Google Analytics for Beginners Google - Skillshop
Google Analytics Individual Qualification Google - Skillshop


Language Level
Swedish Proficient
Spanish Advanced
English Upper-Intermediate

Misc Achievments and qualifications

  • I was Sweden’s first and only Top Contributor on Google’s forum for webmasters. I enjoyed this position until Google decided to close its Swedish forum. I was offered to become Top Contributor on the international forum, but I declined due to it being time consuming and not a customer driving factor at the time.
  • Worked extra as a bartender at “Bedaröbaren” in Nynäshamn and worked at festivals, to have something to do on the weekends when I lived in Nynäshamn.
  • I have acted as a leisure leader for children in grades 1-3.
  • Substitute and assisted as a circle leader in music for the mentally handicapped.
  • Completed the social administration’s “Stadsutbildning”, a course in serving alcohol responsibly.
  • I have actively worked non-profit for ISK’s student union.
  • I was a co-founder at “Nynäshamns Båtservice”, where I worked a lot with boat reconditioning, glass fiber hulls and repair of smaller outboard engines.
  • Currently a board member and Webmaster at the online Rotary Club of 2410


Operating systems and Open Source Trained boxing through my teens but have switched to wushu (kungfu) now recently. Play some music, mainly guitar but also some keyboard.

  • References available upon request

    Since I haven’t been in the jobs market since 2007, I do not think my references are current, can consult with some people on request.